Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable — to itself, its stakeholders, and the public.

Some of our Corporate Social Responsibility Activities such as:

Mangrove Plantationn

Mangrove Plantation is one of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. The purpose of the project is to reduce environmental destruction by showing the way how to solve environmental problems to the local community as well as the participants through the activity of mangrove plantation. We hope that the activity would raise the awareness of environmental conservation among our colleagues and contribute to the society. This activities has been done regularly. In 2018, all staffs of H Sovereign involved in “Mangrove Plantation” Care & Green.

H Sovereign also supporting turtle conservation as our CSR program. The baby turtle release is an interesting and educational event. It becomes one of the most famous activity to do at Kuta beach for tourists. Being part of the society, H Sovereign Bali yearns to build a path to understand and protect Mother Nature for a better environment for regeneration.

Beach Cleaning

Showing our concern for environment, every year H Sovereign Bali involve in activity related to keep environment. On eof them is “Beach Cleaning"

H Sovereign Bali held Cleaning Beach at Petitenget Beach and “mereresik” at Pura Sakenan. Not only cleaning beach, we also involved in global act such as “World CleanUp Day”. We join this worldwide campaign to keep our beloved beaches’ cleanliness. As you may know, the beach is one of the favorite tourist attractions for both foreign and domestic tourists. Some of beaches we help to maintain their cleanliness.

Traditional Desert Training

Bali has their rich food culture. Not only sweet and delicious to eat, Bali Traditional Desert Making has its own culture. Back in the day, many families spent a whole day to make deserts such as Jaje Begina, Kaliadream, Mata Hari, Jaje Abug, Putri Ayu, and Jaje Bendu. We invite women who are members of Family Welfare Development (PKK) from the Tuban area joined this activity. During this event, some of our talented and well-knowledge H Sovereign Bali also gave a lot of knowledge about culinary, especially tricks behind desert making process.

SOS (Scholars of Sustenance)

We join their Food Rescue Program since July 2018. Through this program, we become one of SOS’ hotel partner to help them. We carry out their mission in fighting hunger problems. We understand that many people, especially in Bali, experiencing food insecurity. Thourgh this program, we highly involve to help who needs food. We donate food that is suitable for consumption and make this world better.



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