(TUBAN, KUTA-15/09/2018) —The problem of waste is one of the problems that cannot be fully overcome in Indonesia. The amount of waste is estimated to continue to increase from year to year.

Based on data from research conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, non-organic waste continues to increase. Derived from this alarming condition, all environmental care communities agree on the importance of cleaning up activities in the surrounding environment in "World CleanUp Day". No exception in Bali.

As you already know, 150 countries which are approximately 350 million people participate in "WORLD CLEAN UP DAY 2018". No exception Indonesia and Bali participated fully in this activity. In order to welcome a positive movement, H Sovereign Bali as one of the tourism industry players in Bali participated in the event entitled "SUKSMA BALI". H Sovereign along with fellow tourism industry players in the Bali region participated in the "WORLD CLEANUP DAY" which was held on Saturday, September 15 2018 in the Kuta Beach Area. The theme of "SUKSMA BALI" was deliberately chosen to show appreciation of the people and perpetrators of Bali's tourism industry towards the island of Bali as well as aiming to realize Bali Waste Free. The event was attended by Mr. Ir. I Wayan Koster, as Governor of Bali. In his speech he showed enthusiasm for this positive activity and invited the community to free Bali from throw-out, especially plastic waste.

This event was also attended by Mr.  Ramia Adnyana S.E., M.M., CHA as General Manager of H Sovereign. As one of the tourism industry players in Bali, he welcomed this cleansing activity positively. Like the tourism industry players in Bali, he hopes that this activity can help reduce the amount of garbage scattered for the face of Bali that is more beautiful and free of waste. This activity also involved H Sovereign Bali staff and management directly involved in this cleaning activity. In this event cleaning the area around Kuta Beach so that cleanliness and beauty are maintained. This activity is also to maintain comfort while providing a positive impact internationally, especially in Bali, considering that many domestic and international tourists visit the Bali Island.


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