H Sovereign Bali was certified as "4 Stars Hotels" from TUV Rheinland Indonesia

Kuta-1 November 2018) - H Sovereign Bali Staff Gathering is held at H Sovereign Bali Ballroom continuously.

On the sidelines of the busy schedule of Staff of H Sovereign Bali, they took the time to gather and enjoy extraordinary togetherness. At the end of October 2018, the event hosted by Finance and Accounting staff at H Sovereign Bali. The staff were entertained by special entertainment performance from Finance & Accounting Department.

This event received a tremendous welcome from the guests presented that day. This "Staff Gathering" feels even more special with the presence of Mr. Sisya Subawa, TUV Rheinland Area Manager (Bali and Nusa Tenggara Areas). Mr. Sisya's presence is not without reason, because he presented among other staffs certification for a "four-star hotel" from TUV Rheinland. As you may know, TUVRheinland is a private international organization focus on standard certification which is centered in Cologne, Germany. Of course, the certification from them is a beautiful gift for our hardworking team of all H Sovereign Bali staff.

Mr. Sisya gave this certificate directly to Mr. Ramia Adnyana, General Manager of H Sovereign Bali in front of all staff presented at this event. As General Manager of H Sovereign Bali since the beginning of the hotel located in Tuban, Kuta, he expressed his enthusiasm for the development of H Sovereign Bali. He also revealed that the success during 2018 was inseparable from the active role of the staff of H Sovereign Bali in building the brand in the midst of unusually competitive competition in the world of tourism. Hope in the future, the H Sovereign's achievements will continue to grow.

H Sovereign Bali Dianugerahi "4 Stars Hotels" dari TUVRheinland Indonesia

(Kuta-1 November 2018)- Secara rutin H Sovereign Bali dilaksanakan secara rutin di H Sovereign Bali. Di sela-sela kesibukan para staff H Sovereign Bali, mereka menyempatkan diri untuk berkumpul dan menikmati kebersamaan yang luar biasa. Akhir Oktober 2018 ini, acara ini di-host oleh staff Finance and Accounting H Sovereign Bali. Para staff dihibur dengan acara hiburan dari tim Finance and Accounting yang menampilkan acoustic performance dan modern dance. Acara ini mendapatkan sambutan luar biasa dari para tamu yang hadir.

"Staff Gathering" ini pun terasa semakin special dengan kehadiran Bapak Sisya Subawa, Area Manager TUVRheinland (Area Bali dan Nusa Tenggara). Kehadiran Bapak Sisya bukanlah tanpa alasan, karena beliau memberikan sertifikasi hotel "berbintang empat" dari TUVRheinland. Perlu diketahui, TUVRheinland merupakan Badan Sertifikasi swasta bertaraf International yang terpusat di Cologne, Jerman. Tentu saja sertifikasi dari organisasi swasta bertaraf internasional ini menjadi kehormatan sendiri bagi seluruh staff H Sovereign Bali.

Pak Sisya memberikan sertifikat ini langsung kepada Bapak Ramia Adnyana, General Manager H Sovereign Bali di hadapan seluruh staff yang hadir dalam acara ini. Sebagai General Manager H Sovereign Bali sejak awal hotel yang berlokasi di Tuban, Kuta berdiri, beliau mengungkapkan antusiasme terhadap perkembangan H Sovereign Bali. Beliau juga mengungkapkan keberhasilan selama tahun 2018, tidak lepas dari peranan aktif antara staff H Sovereign Bali dalam membangun brand di tengah persaingan yang luar biasa kompetitif di dunia pariwisata. Harapan di masa depan, prestasi H Sovereign akan terus bertambah.


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